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People are busy; they have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. This means that they cannot always make it to an in-person meeting. So they want a remote engagement platform. But most of the platforms require you to –

  • Download an app
  • Sign in to the platform
  • And coordinate a meeting time that someone may not be able to keep.

It must be very good if you could connect with site visitors, leads, customers, and clients in their moment of need—with a single click?

You can connect with people in their moment of need without scheduling a meeting, downloading any apps, or signing in.

Meet 11Sight…

What Is 11Sight?

11Sight is a digital communication platform that offers to create a customized link made just for your business which will allow people to initiate video or audio chats straight from a traditional website with no requirement to download an app or sign up. You also can share any type of content including documents, images, or even applications right from the meeting screen!

The visitors can join the meeting without a profile on 11sight which is very great. They can enter the name and join the meeting instantly.

With 11Sight you can get a personalized digital address enabled on your domain name (e.g. a unique number to ring the phone like tel:18222 or something else) and visitors can simply click-to-call using Javascript in their browser! Moreover, Audio and video calls go directly to your mobile device, so you can effortlessly keep in contact with your team or customers anytime.

11Sight For Whom?

Marketing agencies, technology providers, car dealerships, online therapy, wealth management, and private banking, customer support, technical support, sales, real estate, veterinarians, physiotherapists… These are only a few of the verticals that 11Sight is proven to be useful for.

Why You Use 11Sight?

  • You get high-quality video conferencing features for B2B business
  • Furthermore, you can easily integrate with your store to connect online customers
  • Another perk that you can avail of is an instant reply to customers. With this platform, you get notified for resolving customer queries, which makes the connection stronger
  • You can also showcase all your products on live video calling and enhance the business sales
  • This platform is hosted on a secure cloud server and one can access it from anywhere
  • Moreover, this makes it easy for a prospective buyer or client to click on a button and connect with the user simply via voice or video.

11Sight Pricing Plans

The great news is 11Sight offers a 30-day free trial. Besides, it has mainly two plans:

  • Starter Package: Inbound video call + Meeting room, $19/user/month, and
  • Extra E Room Package: Extra meeting room, $9/e-room/month

But the great news is, you now get 11Sight only at $59 from Appsumo as a lifetime deal with a 60-day money-back guarantee is probably the biggest reason to sign up now!

So, why do you pay monthly when a great deal is in front of you.

What’s included in this lifetime deal?

  • Unlimited call time
  • Website Super Button
  • Multi-line ringing
  • Chat, audio calls, and video calls
  • Screen sharing and file sharing
  • Call forwarding and 3-way calling
  • Link tracker
  • QR codes
  • Email support
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Video storage: up to 20 GB stored for 60 days

Get lifetime access for just a $59 one-time payment.

Visit The Deal


Note: Most of the deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo.

So what are you waiting for?

Get lifetime access now!

11Signal Features

E-Link: With 11Sight, people are able to connect directly with you because they get a personal, encrypted e-line link that acts a lot like an email address.

Anyone can use the e-link to receive video and audio calls straight from any browser, email, social media profile or post, or anywhere on the web.

E-Room: In the e-room, you can host up to 20 people with the option to password-protect and can chat, exchange files, screen capture, and screen share with them. You can also schedule, host, or join HD video or audio group meetings right from your browser or mobile device.

Even if you are unable to attend a meetup live, you can still be a part of it online by viewing the recorded video on YouTube.

E-Button: Add a smart button to any website which links directly to your site via a special link, so your site visitors are able to reach you whenever their questions arise. Instead of trying to connect with them after the fact, you’ll be able to reach out to them immediately and start building a relationship with them from the very first contact. 

You can even use the button to capture lead data, add external applications, and provide one-click video, audio, and chat interactions for your website visitors.


Oct. 20, 2021, 11:03 a.m.

The strong differentiator for internet communications

Everything I am writing here is based on 4-days of testing the trial account. Did not want to buy first and then refund if something did not go as desired. I am buying. 11Sight works and it works reliably, and the mobile apps are high-class. The apps run in the background and connect to the call even after a long period of inactivity. To make sure the app is always on I still had to disable battery optimization for the Android app.

A call initiated by a site visitor gets through quickly and the sound quality is very clear without lag. The dashboard gives you ways to set everything up the way you want, and the site button is customizable to the finest details. What I like is that I have the freedom of choosing whether to offer voice calls only or calls with video. When on mobile internet video may not work well or it may not be suitable, but the voice should be available always.

The idea to give a site visitor a possibility to call me immediately when he is still on the page is delivering that impression of a 100-million-dollar company’s website while you are running a one-man operation.

I am going to add an icon to my email signature with the e-link so anyone can call me from the mail client when reading a message from me and post the expandable and inline buttons on the sites.

There are many ways to improve 11Sight but what I get even right now is quite satisfying.

Oct. 5, 2021, 4:33 a.m.

Such a great tool

I was considering Consolto but I purchased 11Sight for what it offers today:

1️⃣ Simple, embeddable call button
2️⃣ Mobile applications
3️⃣ Personal call link

I have tested 11Sight’s capabilities on both browser and mobile apps (iPhone and iPad) to receive calls. They work wonderfully well. Only once I have a hiccup where the video on my iPad doesn’t appear. Otherwise, the video is clear, the audio is crisp, and no lag at all.

I got Tier 2 so I can have a conference room. 11Sight can now replace my Zoom account 😄

What I wish it has (for my Tier 2 plan):
👉🏻 Get one CNAME as I don’t need 5 and other features offered in Tier 3
👉🏻 A better UI
👉🏻 More button design options

This is such an amazing tool and will help me engage with my customers better!

Final Words

Whenever you are running a business that needs to interact with the outside world and make sure that the information about your brand gets spread over the internet, then 11Sight be your solution for success in this respect.

Not only can you maintain a work-life balance by managing your time more easily, but you can also communicate more effectively whether it’s with your company team or customers. 

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