Ad Spy Tools-Follow Your Competitors For Higher ROI

What would you do if you knew what your competition was up to every step of the way?

What type of marketing activities your top competitors are pursuing online?

It’s always important to be one step ahead of your competitors. Social spying is a technique that lets you see where your competitors are getting their traffic from, how much they charge for their paid campaigns, which of their creatives perform best, and more. 

However, this is a time-consuming task, especially when there are a lot of competitors. Ad spy tools can help you do that. In this blog, we will look at the best ad spy tools free and paid and how can these tools help you to analyze your competitors.

Tracking Software Or Ad Spy Tools-which one is good for you?

As a marketer, you need both tracking software as well as ad spy tools. 

Tracking tools are necessary when it comes to simplifying testing, organizing, and evaluating promotional campaigns. You want to be able to see which ones are performing best, identify bugs, and measure what actions need to be taken in order to move forward. It’s important as an entrepreneur to make sure these things are organized so that they don’t overwhelm or impede progress. To save yourself some headache, time, and money – you have to invest in an ad tracker from the very beginning.

Just like tracking software, ad spy is essential for digital marketers. It refers to applications that specialize in gathering data on brands’ online advertising activities. Ad spy intelligent let you see things like where the biggest spenders in your industry are putting their money and how they’re using it to promote their products and services. These types of applications give you a chance to follow in their footsteps and learn from them which techniques work and which don’t in terms of generating revenue and attracting new customers.

Ad Spy Tools are categorized in 4 category by traffics and Ad layouts. 

  • Social Media Spy Tools
  • Native Spy Tools
  • Search Spy Tools
  • Display Spy Tools

I don’t want you hover over internet to find out which one best for each category. So I, here discuss only best of the best ad spy tool now in the market. 

BigSpy: Best Social Media Ad Spy Tool

BigSpy, one of the most trusted and efficient advertisement spying tools for Facebook, Admob, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Yahoo marketing campaigns. Now you can  retrieve paid advertising ideas and material no matter whether you are a startup or an established business venture out there! 

It tracks all your competitor or competitors’ customer actions in a specific time frame. With BigSpy you can find great paid advertising ideas with specific interests of your target audience  It will enable you to get in-depth data about their marketing strategies which you can later analyze, understand, implement and adapt when preparing for future ads or posts in order to have a competitive edge. BigSpy tool helps you to pick daily trending ads, so you can increase profitability by cutting down the ad expenses.

Best social media ad spy tool

With BigSpy, marketers are able to create ads themselves without having to use multiple programs. The internet tool is used by large companies offering services around the world. It is user-friendly, accessible through the web, has a multi-language feature, provides ad data inventory of more than 400 million users worldwide which is entirely transparent and authentic. It never stops trying to be better and provide better profits. Moreover, BigSpy chrome extension is the easiest way to hunt ads.

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy offers four plans. The first one is free, the others are

  • Basic: $ 9 /month
  • Pro:$ 99/ month, and
  • Elite: $ 399/ month

AdPlexity: Best For Mobile, Desktop, And Push Ads

AdPlexity is a global tracking platform where users can track their competitors from 70 different countries. Using AdPlexity you can watch advertisements from different competitors in many countries quickly & easily. You can even do keyword, URL, country, device, and traffic source filters. AdPlexity also offers awesome real-time analytics about different Campaigns. You can use AdPlexity to see the landing pages, pop-up redirects, banner ads, device integration, country support, and 120 carrier support too. It helps you to analyze competitors’ eCom, mobile, native, push, and desktop campaigns. It doesn’t cover affiliate Facebook Ads.


AdPlexity Pricing

As you have to pay for each type of traffic, it’s a little bit costly. Pricing packages are:

Mobile ($199)






Anstrex: Best Native Ad spy Tools

Anstrex offers a complete ad intelligence platform that’s designed with all the data you need to make informed decisions and grow your business!

Anstrex provides detailed information to affiliates, performance marketers, brand advertisers, drop shippers, content creators, and small sellers. It delivers competitive insights into push and native ad campaigns and offers its user a comprehensive suite of tools that can help them take advantage of competitors’ weaknesses; all this enables one to improve their ROI. Anstrex Native, reveal productive native ads. Anstrex Push, identify profitable push ads through this tool. Anstrex Dropship makes countless vendors accessible for a dropshipping business to anyone who may have the interest to use the platform for making money on the internet.

Anstrex helps users by providing them access to over 10 million native advertisements, and landing pages across fifteen countries and 27 ad networks. From there, they are able to find out what their competitors are doing in terms of finances. They can find out the placement of ads, the bids that have been placed for certain ads, and which ad networks have been used. hey also have access to their competitors’ Alexa rank history.

Ad spy tools

Anstrex can identify bad ads, display or publisher websites so you can take action or immediately remove them from your campaigns. It will also show you who is behind these malicious ads -giving you potentially valuable information about your competitors. Anstrex External Integrations are platforms that help streamline daily business functions throughout the user experience.

Anstrex’s Pricing: Native at $69.99, while the Native + Push package is priced at $139.99. Only  Push is at $69.99, while the Push + Native package is priced at $139.99

SemRush: All-In-One SEO Spy Tool 

If you’d like to spy on your competitors as well as their marketing strategies and SEO secrets, then you should take a look at SemRush. It compiles every detail related to their AdWords campaigns. First, it allows you to keep an eye on what advertisements they are using for search marketing purposes. Then, once obtained the information is used to create detailed reports about all aspects of your competitor’s marketing footprint.

Simply enter your domain name, URL, or keywords that you want to rank for. The tool will present you with a variety of insights including traffic statistics from the last four months which include both organic and paid search activity as well as links related to your site from other sites on the web. Using this keyword ranking analyzer, you can also see your main competitors, top landing pages for your site, various advertisements being run by competitors on various search engines like Google for example, and branded search suggestions.

SemRush has three price plans. They are:

  • Pro plan: $119.95 per month
  • Guru plan: $229.95 per month
  • Business plan: $449.95 per month

If you paid for annual then price will be reduced up to 17%

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about some popular ad spy tools. Now that you’re aware of all the different ad spy tools that are out there, you can try them out for yourself to see which one works best for you. If you don’t like trying the different tools, the most important thing is to make sure you’re doing your research to find out which of your competitors are running offers or promotions.

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