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When it comes to advertising, some of us still think that the best way to get the public to engage with you is by using a human being. Although this may be true, you will soon find that this will cost you a lot of money and effort for the audience to grow and generate ad creatives for your platform.

But, with the right data, AI-powered ad tools like do the hard work for you, so you can quickly generate and test high-converting creatives at no extra cost and within a minute.


What Is lets users generate high-converting ad creatives quickly with the help of data-trained artificial intelligence. It generates new ads based on the best with its machine learning algorithms, which analyze the performance of millions of ads and get smarter over time as it sees what works best for your business.

Most important is that there are lots of tools that provide artificial intelligence, but AdCreative AI is the first to integrate it into an ad creation platform. This means you can create customized ads for specific target audiences quickly and easily. Just upload your brand’s visual assets, and the AI will generate perfect creatives for your project, including 1080×1080 square and 1080×1920 story sizes.

Why generates creatives that convert, so you can save time and money at scale. You can use it for

  •  Up to 14x better conversion rates than ad creatives designed with no data-driven approach.
  • Easily diversify your advertising channels, is optimized for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Google Ads, and Bing Ads.
  • This unique A.I. understands your brand colors and font to create seamless designs that fit your branding.
  • Generate hundreds of converting ad creative variations while staying on-brand.
  • Cut up to 90% of design tasks and costs. Spend your time and money on you and your business
  • Spend your money on creatives that convert, make the most of the strongest artificial intelligence on the ad creation market.

Who Can Use It?

Basically, anyone who needs an unfair advantage. But it’s best for 

  • E-commerce stores
  • Startups and
  • Marketing agencies

How Does It Work?

In a few simple steps create the highest conversion rate creatives you can possibly have.

  • Connect Accounts
  • Upload Logo
  • Choose Color
  • Select Ads Accounts
  • Choose Size
  • Generate

Why You  Sign Up Now? is a Global Partner of Google and a Marketing partner with Facebook & Instagram.

After signing up, you will receive $150 ad credits from Google and up to $140 from Facebook when you spend $150 in total. (Applied the following month.)

AdCreative offers a 7-day free trial but of course one time only lifetime sale is probably the biggest reason to sign up now!

What’s included in this lifetime deal?

  • All future Premium Plan updates
  • Stack up to 4 codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Unlimited generations
  • Integrations: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Zapier, and Facebook Ads
  • AI text generator
  • Beta features, and
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Get lifetime access for just a $69 one-time payment.

Visit The Deal Features

Cloud Hosted: makes it easy to start testing new creatives that are driven by data—instead of relying on your gut instincts. The advanced AI was trained on millions of high-performing ads, so you can consistently test out creatives that will increase your conversion rates. All will be done without any hassle because is cloud-hosted, so you’ll be able to produce ad variations without worrying about bandwidth, memory, or size limitations.

Easy To Use: Most current advertising tools are expensive and complicated to use and lack an intuitive interface for beginners. This makes it impossible for small businesses or individuals to create a great advertisement on their own without spending thousands of dollars on developers or design agencies to do so. The AI behind this product is meant to help make things easier for anyone who uses the product no matter what their experience level may be with design. Simply use their templates or upload your own brand assets to get started right away!

Ad Accounts Integration: Using integrations, you can push your preferred creatives directly to your connected advertising systems, saving time on downloading and uploading.

You can integrate with Google and Facebook ads in order to take in more data from your campaign and make your marketing process even stronger.

Moreover, Optimize your ad performance by feeding millions of high-converting creatives to Google Display Network to help you predict the best combinations for your marketing strategy.

Just push creatives directly to your ad accounts and let AI train from your data with Facebook and Google Ads integrations.

Google Analytics Integration: Further powerful integrations are not only possible but also necessary. You can for example tap into Google Analytics to improve your ad results without spending resources on agencies and freelancers. This is because the AI learns everything there is to know about your target audience, you’ll be able to generate more dynamic and effective creatives and banners.

you can also expand your audience by developing personalized ads based on a range of demographics, optimized for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and Bing Ads.

Unlimited Team Collaboration: Creating high-performing ads can be difficult, but this is exacerbated when you’re trying to do it alone. allows for team collaboration, so multiple team members can work on ads at the same time, which means better results in a shorter period of time! This feature makes collaboration easy – all changes are saved in real-time so there’s never any need for constant communication. Pricing Plans

There are three plans to choose from and all plans include a 7-day free trial.

  • STARTER Plan 14$/month – Includes access to AdCreative AI’s features and integrations with 10 Credits, 1 Brand, Unlimited Generations.
  • PREMIUM Plan 89$/month – Includes all the features with 100 Credits, 1PRO Plan $349/month – Includes all the features with unlimited Credits, unlimited Brands, Unlimited Generations.0 Brands, Unlimited Generations.
  • PRO Plan $349/month – Includes all the features with unlimited Credits, unlimited Brands, Unlimited Generations.

But the great news is, you now get AdCreative only at $69 from Appsumo as a lifetime deal.

So, why do you pay monthly when a great deal is in front of you.

Note: Most of the deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo.

So what are you waiting for?

Get lifetime access now!

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  • Click here to go: “AdCreative Lifetime Deal” page.
  • Wait till the discount popup appear
  • Enter your email
  • Check your email inbox to get an extra 10% off
  • Only for the first order


What is a “Credit”?

Each creative/banner you download to your computer to use on your campaigns equals 1 credit. Based on the package you select, you will have 10, 000 or an unlimited number of credits that renew every month.
What does “Unlimited Generation” mean?
With, you can generate thousands of visuals. Select and download only the ones you want to test in your marketing strategy.
What is a “User”?
Now you can invite your teammates to and let them generate creatives with you. Users can generate as many creatives as they want using the credits from the main account. Invite your team, let teamwork make the dream work. PRO package has 10 free users, additional users can be bought on any package at $25/month per user.

User Reviews



Dec. 24, 2021, 12:06 a.m. delivers as promised!

I was really intrigued by’s concept and wanted to try it out so I bought one code. The 1st time generating took longer than expected, but finally, the designs kicked in and I was blown away by all of the beautiful ad concepts that I could choose from. Especially with my brand being quite “girly”, the designs were surprisingly in accordance with my brand.

At first, I was annoyed by the character’s cap for each text section, but as soon as I saw the ads, I realized the cap keeps me targeted and on purpose as I can get quite wordy.

I knew the starting package wasn’t going to be enough credits, so I invested in the unlimited level and I’m so excited for the expected new features and integrations. I would love to see the size 1200 x 628 added to the dimension choices.

Thank you AdCreative for a product that delivers as promised!
Allison Kessler, Owner of Fun4business, Calgary Web Designers.

View more…..

Final Words

You may how to do Ad campaigns, but sometimes we just want something quick to make the process easier and faster. That’s where succeeds. A great tool with a lot of potentials! A fast, simple, and intuitive setup is followed by gorgeous and conversion-oriented results.

Note: To write the content with ai powered software please take a look at this article.

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