BackupSheep- Automated Way To Handle Backup Easily For Cloud Servers, Websites And Databases

What happened if your hard drive crashed, you unconsciously deleted important files, or you lost your laptop? Ransomware makes computer files inaccessible and sometimes data loss happens for reasons beyond the technological as theft or natural disasters.

All technology whether it’s a brand new iMac or a 10-year-old PC running Windows 7 can potentially crash unexpectedly.

When data isn’t backed up to a secure cloud server before disaster strikes you could find yourself out of luck if you don’t have your cloud storage software plan in place. Why take this risk?

Your business assets—documents, plans, financial spreadsheets—as well as your personal assets—family photos, videos, and music—deserve to be protected.

Meet BackupSheep – backup automation tool and let’s dive into it to find out how it can help you to prevent data loss.

What is BackupSheep?

BackupSheep is an automated backup tool that let you manage cloud, database, and file server backups without any hassles. With BackupSheep, you can quickly schedule server snapshots and offsite backups without writing code.

Best for Individual developers and agencies who want to easily manage backups of hundreds of customer websites, databases, and servers. It helps them to automate their backups from one dashboard.

Price: BackupSheep offers two price plans.

  • Developer plan: 0/m, which means free forever.(up to 3 nodes)
  • Unlimited plan: 25/m(first 30 days free)

Automating backups is costly and takes time. But the great news is that the AppSumo deal is live, where you can get lifetime access to BackupSheep only at $69 which is an unbelievably low price! Later I’ll discuss it. So, make sure to read till the end.

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How Does BackupSheep Work?/ Features

This software offers a wide range of features that makes it an essential tool for any business.

Server Backup:  BackupSheep integrates with all the major cloud providers like AWS, Drive, Dropbox, and more. So you can be sure your servers are always backed up. The Backupsheep dashboard makes it easy to connect all your 3rd party server accounts and configure snapshot schedules and retention policies for cloud servers and volumes. Backupsheep uses its APIs to automate the snapshot-taking process, making it easy to take snapshots of your cloud servers or volumes regularly from each account connected without issues. These snapshots are stored just like a regular snapshot in your 3rd party server account, making it easy to retrieve them if you need to roll back or restore data on any one of these services.

Database Backup: A database backup is just a copy of your data that you can use to restore your operations in the event of data loss. BackupSheep offers offsite backup and recovery services for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL databases to create a compressed file of your entire database. If you need to restore your database, you can use the MySQL/PostgreSQL command line tools to load the data back into your database. Alternatively, you can restore your data with just a few clicks from your BackupSheep dashboard.

Website Backup: You can easily create a backup of your entire website, including all your files, databases, and emails. Just select which files you want to backup and BackupSheep compress them into a zip format. The website backup service integrates with cPanel, SFTP, and WordPress. So you can connect any website/file server using FTP or SFTP protocols and the system will automatically upload your backups to the cloud. You can easily download the backup files from your BackupSheep dashboard and upload them to your server.

BackupSheep Multi-Region Support
BackupSheep has servers in North America (Canada), Europe (Germany), Asia (Singapore), and Oceania (Australia). Run backup in your region to comply with regional data privacy regulations.


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BackupSheep automates your cloud internet hosting account, database, web site, or storage integration backups.

So what are waiting for?

Automate your backups without any hassle.

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