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Covid is not getting tired and says Good-Bye. In this situation, it is not always possible to arrange different kinds of fairs and events. And most of the time the guests have their cameras turned off on a Zoom call. But you want your virtual event to be more interactive and engaging so that your attendees walk away feeling connected and inspired.

So what to do?

A Virtual and  Hybrid event management company offers a platform where event hosts and participants can come together in a 3D immersive environment for virtual events, fairs, exhibitions, and conferences.

Say hello to HexaFair...

Introducing HexaFair

HexaFair is the first all-in-one platform that offers Exhibition, Conferences & Networking in a single application with an Immersive experience for Virtual Events & Virtual Fairs needs.

HexaFair provides its users with a highly efficient, cost-effective, and convenient online event management platform that allows them to organize virtual conference events and acts as a B2B portal for businesses from around the world. It hosts everything needed by any business or professional who wishes to host an event like a virtual conference – be it for marketing or sales – a live streaming service, and a fully customizable virtual office. The platform allows users to invite thousands of attendees and join the event from any device or any platform.

Why HexaFair: It is developed as a fully INTERACTIVE 3D ENVIRONMENT TO YOUR VIRTUAL/HYBRID EVENTS with possible solutions of Lobby, Auditorium, Exhibitor Halls, Booths, Video Wall, Breakout rooms, One on One Video call with Exhibitors, one-on-one Video call with attendees, 3D Interactive Virtual Stages.

Best for: Event organizers, trade show organizers, and anyone looking to increase engagement for their virtual events.

Use Cases: The software comes in the aid of organizing,

  1.  Virtual/Hybrid Events
  2. Virtual/Hybrid Fairs & Exhibitions
  3. Virtual Property Fair
  4. Virtual Motor show
  5. Virtual Industry Expo
  6. Virtual Summit
  7. Virtual Community Networking Event
  8. Virtual Job Fair
  9. Virtual Career Fair
  10. Virtual Education Fair

It works with businesses around the world, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, African Investment Immigration, Saudi Orthodontic Society, and several others.

Key Features

• Event Website (landing page) with registration to promote your events
• Attendee & Exhibitor Registrations
• 3D Virtual Booths
• Social Media wall
• Floor planner for Dynamic exhibition virtual stand positioning
• Networking – Social Lounge for one-on-one meets
• Chat with Exhibitor
• My Box (Briefcase) for attendees
• Sponsor Banners Zone
• Rooms for breakout and demos
• Live Conference Sessions (video streaming) with Q&As and Polls
• On-Demand Videos
• Sponsors & Banners Management
• Virtual Booths Staffs Management
• Jobs Board
• Courses Board
• Products Catalogue Board
• Gamification – Leader board
• Dashboards & Reports

HexaFair Pricing Plans

It has four pricing plans for Single Event

  • Virtual Small
  • Virtual Business
  • Hybrid Business
  • Enterprise Custom

But the great news is that you can buy it now only at $89 because a lifetime deal is running at Appsumo.

So, why do you pay more when a lifetime deal is in front of you?

Lifetime Deal Plans And Features

  • Sponsor booth
  • Searchable attendee list
  • Stream via RMTP (Mux.com and Vimeo.com)
  • Stream out via Custom RTMP (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Live)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Unlimited session duration
  • Matchmaking, networking, and business card exchange
  • Chat with visitors
  • Basic and advanced analytics, plus data reports

And more…..

Get lifetime access for just an $89 one-time payment.

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Some Features  Make You Happy

3D lobby: When attendees first arrive, they’ll enter the 3D lobby which contains a help desk and video wall. It also includes a designated sponsor area.

3D Virtual Auditorium: Meet with others, attend and participate in different events presented to you via virtual 3D Auditorium. So you observe the live conferences, breakout sessions, Q&A sessions, and polls that are presented to you. Also having a connection and feeling of interactivity within the room.

3D Virtual Exhibition Hall: Use the 3D virtual exhibition hall to showcase all the event exhibitors with branded booths that allow attendees to click on exhibitors and be teleported directly to their projects.

3D virtual Booth: To create a more immersive experience for event attendees, exhibitors can opt to present their company at the event through a 3D virtual booth. This brings a sense of liveliness to the surrounding environment for attendees by displaying items in real-time with visual information such as images, documents, datasheets, and videos. And like a live in-person event, HexaFair allows virtual event attendees to submit contact forms to vendors and chat with exhibitors in real-time.

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Note: Most of the Appsumo lifetime deals offer end within a week. So buy it as soon as possible.

Get lifetime access to HexaFair today!


With HexaFair, you can bring the fun, interactive elements of 3D to your virtual events. That means that attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike won’t feel like they’re attending a dreaded meeting… or even working!

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Start your virtual event Journey with HexaFair.

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