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Have you ever thought about how much effort goes into preparing content writing for blog, advertising copy for your advertising campaigns, meta description for SEO, and more?

To the untrained eye, writing might look like an easy job. This is because they do not understand the amount of effort that goes into it.

For one, you need to make sure that your copy will entice your target audience through your headline. Next, you’ll need to ensure that it appeals to them with value proposition. You’ll need to be imaginative enough to help them imagine how they will benefit from your product or service. is an easy and quick AI content generator software to create high-quality, well-written blog posts, social media posts, and sales page just in a matter of minutes! 

The great news is that you’ll get 10,000 FREE words bonus once you sign up.

What Is Peppertype. ai? is an AI Article Generator that lets you create content based on self-written text. Combining the power of an artificial intelligence engine with the talent of copywriters across the globe. You create content based on text that you provide or any other content that you feel is relevant. helps you write engaging articles for your business or website. By choosing a topic, writing a few sentences, and adding your thoughts to the program, you can have a full article in seconds – without having to worry about mechanics or grammar! With over 100K+ articles online available through their system that have already received positive feedback from consumers. PepperType can be an incredible asset to any digital marketer who finds it difficult to write enough content. 

Who Can Use Peppertype.Ai?

Peppertype is the perfect tool for anyone who needs high-quality, well-written blog posts and website content that can be customized to suit your needs. As a tool to help bloggers, it’s great for those who want blogging material that can easily be personalized just by clicking on a few options! 

It has the potential to put an end to any writer’s block if you’re stuck in a rut. You can ask it to create any type of content that you need, whether that be articles, blog posts, or even video scripts.

If you are a bloggers, copywriters, content creators,  entrepreneurs, agencies, digital marketing company, marketing managers and social media specialists, Peppertype is the best Ai content generator software for you.

What Are The Features Of Peppertype.Ai Software

Peppertype comes with a wide variety of features and uses. Peppertype is one of the easiest tools around for creating top-quality content quickly. It’s got many features which make it an invaluable addition to your marketing kit. You can use Peppertype to create reviews, to enhance blog posts, to publish articles for your website, to come up with content ideas for your website and much more! content generator software can help you save time and effort by giving you prewritten, professionally written content so that you can use less time on publishing and revising blog posts and websites as well as social media updates and still bring your audience high quality, engaging results as well as content ideas. You can even use it as a tool or guide for creating tutorials thanks to its reference list builder with efficient sorting features! The possibilities really are endless when it comes to this fantastic tool.

Peppertype’s editor is  simple and easy to use. It allows users to change the word count, font size, or even add line breaks easily!

Peppertype’s Template

Peppertype offers very good range of templates for different types of use. When you have completed the sign-up process and go to dashboard, you find all the templates. And the templates arranged as tiles.

The Templates available for

Copywriting Frameworks,

  • AIDA,
  • PAS,
  • Before-After-Bridge,
  • Value proposition,
  • Feature to Benefit.

Social Media,

  • Tweet ideas,
  • Post captions,
  • Engaging posts,
  • YouTube video topic ideas & description,
  • Quora answers,
  • Engaging questions.

SEO & Content Marketing

  • Meta descriptions, 
  • Blog introduction,
  • Blog outline,
  • Blog conclusion,
  • Blog heading expander,
  • Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting
  • Content expander,
  • Content rewriter,
  • Compelling bullet points.


  • Google ad copy,
  • Facebook ad copy.


  • Amazon Ad Headline
  • Amazon Product Title
  • Amazon Product Bullet Points
  • E-commerce Product Description


  • Email subject lines,
  • Cold email copy.

Peppertype.Ai Pricing

Peppertype offers a variety of different packages to fit the needs of many potential users. After the trial period that will allow you to generate 10,000 words worth of content, you’ll have enough data that can help you decide which plan best suits your system, workflow, and specific word count projected in your future writing projects.

Here are the plans Peppertype offering: 

Peppertype Pricing

Why You Choose Peppertype?

  •  Price, speed & quality – the combination is just perfect.
  • Although others AI content generator are fine products but costly. Peppertype is more cost effective at this time.
  •  Inputs can be customized more flexibly with Peppertype. – Relevancy of outputs
  • Ease of use, and  more feature at one place

Final Words

It is not always easy to create content that is not just effective but also keeps the attention of the audience. This is where the importance of the content creation tools becomes important. The Content creation tools should make content generation faster and easier. The Content creation tools like should be able to make the content generation process easy. It uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to create quality content and help businesses increase their organic reach on social media. It is already considered as one of the best Ai content generator software by the 20,000+ happy users and 2000+ amazing paying customers.

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