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Nearly 15 to 20 percent of the population worldwide suffers from a language-based disability. Making audio versions of content can allow individuals with eye-related or literacy issues have easier access to the content you’ve prepared for them.

Text-to-speech generator software is a way to make your information accessible to a wider audience. Moreover, implementing AI voice generator software in your blog, e-learning materials allows users to access them from anywhere while also allowing them to multitask. A good voice generator helps you to get 

  • More sales
  • More Views
  • More subscribers
  • save money, and
  • save time

But recording for audio can be tricky, time-consuming, and sometimes intimidating. There is so much to consider-have the right equipment and a studio space… it’s another to have the technical setup to convert that voice performance into the professional audio quality you need.

An online voice generator like might be more useful than you think! 

Let’s dive into to find out how it can help you to understand how it functions and works properly for you.

What Is is an AI voice generator. You can use it to turn your blog into a  clear, professional voice-overs, or just to create audio for podcasts, articles, and more. It is so simple to use. Just type, paste or import text to instantly turn your blog post into audio.

For whom: This AI voice generator is for those like video creators, educators, bloggers, and marketers who wants to generate realistic voice generator of their content.

Alternative to: Trinity Audio and Read2Me

Pricing Plan: You try for free. Beside this offers 4 different pricing plans- Personal, Professional, Growth, and Business.

But the great news is that the AppSumo deal is going, where you can get for Lifetime only at $79 which is an unbelievable low price! Later I’ll discuss it. So, make sure to read till the end.


   Great Product!

“Wow!! What a product. Now I don’t even need a voiceover artist. All voiceover professionals are in my toolbox”.

Why You Choose Features

570+ Ai Voices: Let your written content take on a new, more natural voice. Choose from over 570 male and female voices in over 60 languages and accents.

Voice Inflections: allows you to edit the audio file. If you highlight the words and you want them to be a certain a certain pitch, volume or emphasis, you can convert all that within this.

Speech Styles: To make the voices sound more natural and engaging you can enhance the audio with speech styles, pronunciations and SSML tags.

Multi Voice features: using different voices for sentences in the same audio file. So don’t get bother for creating multiple files.

Custom Pronunciation: Define specific pronunciations of words by using TTS engines. Save and re-use the generated information, so that you don’t have to define them all over again if it’s needed for similar things later on.

Securely Store: As your files are being stored in the cloud, then your audio files will be secure and can’t get lost easily. You can also create drafts and convert the text to audio at a later time.

Optimize The Platform: helps you to choose the perfect platform for you defending on your chosen answer about what are you creating audio for.

Commercial And Broadcast Rights: The audio you create is a piece of intellectual property  of yours. No restrictions or additional fees whatsoever, so you can do whatever you like with your material.  Audio can be used for whichever purposes you wish from podcasts, audiobooks and even articles online where audio is allowed.

Export in MP3 & WAV formats: You can export your finished files  to MP3 and WAV formats. Also create high-quality audio files using different sample rates ranging from 8kHz to 48kHz.

Read text with audio player widgets: Embed a Text to Speech Reader in your articles, blogs, e-learning and websites to increase accessibility, user engagement and become ADA compliant.

Distribute audio with Podcasting Solution: No more going through a tedious process or coding at the end of your day to publish content on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play. lets you publish your new podcast to all the major platforms using the Podcast Hosting feature and Google can now index your audio in its search results through your RSS feeds.

Unlimited Previews & Downloads: Edit the text, change the emotion, set the tone – get creative! Do as many revisions you want to create the perfect voice over audio and download as many times as you wish. Integration:

Integrate real-time voice synthesis in your applications with an easy-to-use API. Access state-of-the-art AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft.

Customize Audio Players: You can customize the way your listeners interact with a radio station by changing the color and configuration of the audio player to match your website’s design.

Analytics:’s analytics help you to understand exactly how your audio is doing with key metrics like listens, listening time, and downloads.

Email Subscriptions: This feature helps you to set custom marketing messages.

White-Label Player: With this feature you can remove the logo from the audio player and don’t have to share the spotlight, either— makes it easy to match the player to your branding.

Amazing Text to Speech

  Nicholas Natteau – Trustpilot

“The interface is clean, uncluttered, and super easy and intuitive to use. Having tried many others, is my #1 favorite. Many natural sounding high quality voices to choose from.” Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You can now buy only at $79 instead of $180.

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Final Thoughts About

As consumers seek the option to read, listen and watch information in multiple formats, an online voice creation software might be the best solution! Videos without a good VOICEOVER will not convert, will not get you clicks, leads, traffic, or any sales! is an application that enables you to convert text into speech. caters to both, individuals and businesses. provides online tools that enable you to generate text-to-speech, embed audio, and distribute these services all over the Web.

So what are you waiting for?


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