TruConversion- Easy-To-Use Funnel Tracking And Optimization Tool

Do you want to optimize your lead generation funnel?

Have you ever run a campaign that got lost in the crowd and you just wish you remembered to put up posters?

TruConversion is a funnel tracking and optimization tool allowing you to wield the power of our free Heatmap plugin, Session Recordings functionality and excellent Form Analytics suite. It is the best alternative to: HotJar and Funnelytics. No more bouncing between tools!


Why TruConversion?

  • Simple and easy
  • Advanced page targeting
  • Advanced filters
  • One click share button
  • Manage multiple domains
  • Download your data
  • Trigger recording by event
  • Visual event identification
  • Flexible survey trigger options

Truconversion: Feedback And Analytics tools

It’s easy to double your sales when you know exactly what your customers want. TruConversion tells you what they want even if you didn’t ask them to! Truconversion is an easy to use feedback and analytics tools to observe, analyze and make data driven decision to convert your visitors into customers. The feedback and analytics tools Truconversion offers:

Smart Funnels: This automated tool is going to track pretty much every stage of your funnel, and give you full analytics on every single action taken at each step of your funnel. You will be able to see the exact percentage of people who either dropped out at each step along the way or who converted and went all the way down it. It’s important to know this, so that you can check up on your sales funnel daily, assess what needs fixing and alter course quickly and easily!

Heatmap:Heatmaps are great tools for gauging how warm or popular a specific area of your website or app is. They help you understand what’s catching users’ attention, and where, on their way to converting into customers. This way you know if there’s an issue that needs to be fixed before it affects retention time or sales.

Session Recordings:Someone just left your website without converting! Are they a part of that 10% that visits but then leaves immediately? Now you have a way to see what people clicked on before converting and why they did so.

Form Analytics: There are a lot of different factors that contribute to a successful marketing campaign, and it can be difficult to determine which factors have had what effect on your campaign. TruConversion uses Google Analytics and collects form data, making it easy for marketers to understand the conversion rate of their forms, so they can determine which forms need to be modified.

Microsurveys:TruConversion has created a way to get feedback on your website that’s ridiculously easy. People are in more of a rush now than ever to stay informed and one click away from the next bit of news. Sometimes you don’t have time for those long survey questions, but the chances are you do have the time to answer a quick poll. Through Microsurveys, you can post a simple poll in seconds… anywhere on your site and following virtually any action (after someone subscribes, or after they fill out your form/subscribe to an article, etc).

Surveys:From getting feedback on how your customers are doing to discovering the needs and expectations of your customers, TruConversion’s powerful surveys would help you not only keep tabs on whether there is dissatisfaction with a specific element of your website but also provide deep insight into how to fix problems that may affect conversions in the future.

Truconversion Pricing

Truconversion has two price plans- one for individual and small- midsize businesses and another for agencies & large marketing teams. More than It offers 14 days free trial.


TruConversion Lifetime Deal

But the best thing is that Truconversion offers Lifetime Deal. It means you never pay monthly for this software. Rather you can use it for a lifetime one-time payment only at $69 from Appsumo. (Most of the deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo)

Running a marketing campaign can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it effectively. With these tips on tracking your campaign performance and growth, you’ll get the insight you need to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Truconversion is best for marketing professionals, media managers, and email marketers looking to monitor and improve their funnels.

So, what are you waiting for?

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