VidIQ Review-A Powerful View-Boosting Tool To Reach People

Now a days, video is a powerful medium to reach people and grow your business. Video creation is simple. You can create any type of video and publish it.

But the problem is when you don’t get enough views and subscribers as you expect.

So the important question arises how can You get more views, more subscribers?

VidIQ is a powerful YouTube video marketing tool that will give you insights and guidance to keep your YouTube channel growing.


What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a channel management suite that offers smart tools for optimizing YouTube channels.The software will assist with everything from how much engagement each video receives, recommending new content based on both what the audience is responding to and what you’ve already created, tagging playlists of videos from new or unreleased material, and manually or automatically optimising your titles and descriptions to make them more likely to be seen.

How can VidIQ help you to do video marketing?

VidIQ makes video marketing simple. First, of all, you need the right keyword to make the video. You just search for your targeted keyword by using the Keyword Tool in VidIQ. The Keyword Tool is an awesome tool. It provides you with information on how your given topic or URL has performed over time, as well as related keywords and phrases and the search results for each. This could be really useful if you’re trying to find alternative keywords that are closely related to the keyword you’re researching. Do pay close attention to the search volume, daily views, views per hour (VPH) as well as the competition level.

The data analysis tool is another great feature that VidIQ provides. By this, you can know what to do to grow up your business.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) effect around your content, make sure to use VidIQ for improving your videos’ reachability and watch-time.

VidIQ Features

All the features that are presently provided by vidIQ:

Web Suite + Chrome Extension 

VidIQ is the only platform where you can easily track the performance of videos across all relevant metrics using a web browser or an extension on Chrome. While VidIQ’s web interface gives you more features, the VidIQ Chrome extension allows you to see essential data for your videos at a glance right in your browser.

1. Scorecard

VidIQ Scorecard displays more information about your YouTube videos in a quicker and more streamlined format. Scorecard service was built to improve upon not just one, but three important areas! First, the loading time of each video report has been improved. Second, information is being presented in a more organized way that allows for easy navigation across all videos found on YouTube for your account. Thirdly, there are many new features expounded throughout this tool that will give you all the feedback necessary regarding any of your uploaded media!

VidIQ Scorecard

The scorecard deals all about 

  • Social Engagements
  • SEO Feedback
  • Video Optimization Checklist
  • Channel Analytics
  • Controversial Keywords
  • Suggest Video Tags
  • Video Tags
  • Channel Tags
  • Historical
  • Tweets
  • Trending

2. Keyword Tools

Every day there are a TON of searches going on, and if you know what specific types of searches go in each part of the day, you can specifically tailor your videos to best reach people at that moment. vidIQ boost is a very powerful tool that gives you relevant search term suggestions that pan across the globe. It also shows similar videos from other channels that are trending!

Moreover, you read this article for keyword research tools.

 You get more from vidIQ Keyword Tools:

  • YouTube Search Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Inspector
  • Inline Keywords
  • Keyword Translator Tool
  • Tag Auto-Complete
  • Keyword Templates
  • Web Suite SEO

3. Trends Alerts

Want to know how your keyword is performing on YouTube for example, or want to get a feel for how many views-per-hour a competitor is getting? Setting up an email alert on updates for the top trending videos on any topic over the last few days could give you an initial idea of what exactly is trending and get your content creation gears in motion accordingly. If it looks like your video is trending, you can promote it on social media to maximize its potential.

VidIQ Trends

4. Facebook Syndication

VidIQ’s Facebook Syndication is the latest product for streamlining operations by making your job easier. Because it allows you to send videos straight from YouTube and push them onto Facebook without having to do a lot of redundant work.

5. Thumbnail Generator

Creating attractive custom thumbnails for your videos will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and induce a significantly higher CTR. Youtube automatically creates several thumbnails for every video but they are usually not very appealing, which may hinder viewers’ first impressions of your content.

VidIQ’s custom thumbnail editor features a library of thousands of stunning clipart pieces and hundreds of different text symbols that can be used to craft an attention-grabbing image. With this editor, you’re not just limited to the template thumbnails either – you can create your own templates too! Custom thumbnails can be made using different shapes and easily adding keywords or image graphics to make them even more eye-catching.

6. Competitors

The vidIQ Competitors Tool provides in-depth reports on your YouTube competitors in order to help you find out what’s working for them in regards to their video marketing campaigns, as well as the reasons those videos are performing well. This kind of data is very useful in understanding what you have to do.

7. Data Backup 

VidIQ allows you to download all your video and channel metadata to a CSV file.

8. Real Time Stats Bar

YouTube is like lightning. On a day-to-day basis, new trends are born and others fade away. In order to stay ahead of the crowd, you have to have knowledge about what is going on in your industry. That’s where the real-time statistics bar comes in.

With the Real Time Stats Bar, you’ll get the most up-to-date numbers of views and subscribers. The real-time bar graphs show you trends broken down for each hour and day, so it’s clear how your videos are trending over any time period right up to the present moment.

9. Channel Audit

This is your personal channel consultant that serves you 24×7. The live audit feature shows you how your content such as customer analytics, channel performance, and testing strategies is performing as well as what issues need your attention at any given time.

VidIQ Pricing

VidIQ has four plans that are Basic or free, Pro, Boost, and Enterprise. Pricing starts at $7.50/monthly. To Know details about pricing read the article here.

VidIQ pricing

YouTube Comments Management

As an entrepreneur managing social media, checking all of your different social media accounts for comments and questions day in and day out can be very time-consuming. However, VidIQ comment management feature can help you identify your most valuable comments and respond to it accordingly!

Tips and Insights

This YouTube channel is so great because it not only has tons of videos featuring tips, ideas, tutorials, strategies, interviews, live streams, Q&A sessions – you name it – but it also has its own blog. The blog content differs from the content featured in the YouTuber’s video library. Finally, there’s an online course called “Launch a Successful YouTube Channel in Just 30 Days” that teaches how to get off to a fast start using everything discussed in the blog section of this exceptional site!

Embed URLs

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your YouTube videos is to embed them on your blogs and websites. If you’re making videos that are intended for marketing, it makes sense to upload those videos to your own website as well as placing those videos on other websites using an embed code. Before sharing these types of videos on other sites, you should decide if you want people just watching the video directly on that site or if you’d rather encourage people who see it to also watch it on your channel. Remember at this point that not all users may be able to view embedded videos because either they do not have Flash Player installed in their browser or they don’t allow it to autoplay (an option within their browser).

Free Version of VidIQ

You can use the Chrome and Firefox extensions with a FREE VidIQ account. It will give you data on the Video Scorecard, Live Stats bar, top keywords by trending Google searches that are related to your niche plus much more! You can still find keyword recommendations based on trending Google searches with the free version. Using our paid version has incredible value as it provides access to vital information that can help you excel in your competitive niche.

When you’re ready to upgrade you can choose from any of the PAID plans.

VidIQ is safe because It is one of the tools and businesses that YouTube has certified to be with. Whether you are a small, local business or a large, national brand, VidIQ can help you increase your video marketing ROI. VidIQ uses the power of video to help you build an online community around your business, increase engagement, drive more traffic, and increase sales.

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